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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Lahaie C, Earle A, and Heymann J. (2012). An Uneven Burden:  Social Disparities in Adult Caregiving Responsibilities, Working Conditions, and Caregiver Outcomes.  Research on Aging. 1-32. Available online.

Earle A, Heymann J. (2012) The cost of caregiving: wage loss among caregivers of elderly and disabled adults and children with special needs. Community, Work & Family, 15(3), 357-375.  Available online.

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McManus, BM, Carle, AC, Acevedo-Garcia, D, Ganz, M, Hauser-Cram, P & McCormick, MC (2011). Social determinants of state variation in special education participation among preschoolers with developmental delays and disabilities.  Health & Place 17(2): 681-690.

Earle A and Heymann J. (2011). Protecting the health of employed adults caring for family members with chronic or disabling conditions.  Social Science and Medicine. 73(1):68-78    

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Heymann SJ and Earle A. (1999). The Impact of Welfare Reform on Parents’ Ability to Care for Their Children’s Health. American Journal of Public Health. 89(4), 502-505. 

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Presentations and Proceedings

Rosenfeld L, Levin MD, Acevedo-Garcia D, Hwang IT, and Kramer J. (October, 2016). Parents of young children with disabilities: New critical thinking strategies to support participation at home and in the community. Paper presented at American Public Health Association. Denver, CO.

Rosenfeld L, (March, 2010). Identifying and Marketing Your Parent-Related Skills in the Job Market. The Federation for Children with Special Needs, Visions of Community. Boston, MA.

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Acevedo-Garcia D, Jennings L, Earle A, and Rosenfeld L. (March 13, 2010). Identifying and Marketing Your Parenting-Related Skills in the Job Market.  Federation for Children with Special Needs Spring Conference. Boston, MA. 

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