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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Earle A, Heymann J.  (Under review). Parent’s Care Burden and Children’s Educational Achievement. American Education Research Journal.  

Acevedo-García D, Rosenfeld L, McArdle N, Hardy EF, Osypuk TL. (2013). Future Directions on Research on Institutional and Interpersonal Discrimination and Child Health. American Journal of Public Health.

Gomez Mandic, C, Rudd, R, Hehir, T & Acevedo-Garcia, D (2012). Readability of Special Education Procedural Safeguards. Journal of Special Education, 45(4):195-203.

Books and Book Chapters

Acevedo-García D, Rosenfeld L, McArdle N, Osypuk T. (2010). The Geography of Opportunity: A Framework for Child Development. In: Men and Boys of Color. University of California Press. 358-406. Available Online

Issue Briefs, (2014). Children in Double Jeopardy: Do children in U.S. metropolitan areas live in “double jeopardy” neighborhoods? Data-for-Action Fact Sheet, March 2014, Waltham, MA. Available Online., (2014). Quality Check: Do young children in U.S. metropolitan areas live in neighborhoods with quality early childhood education? Data-for-Action Fact Sheet, March 2014, Waltham, MA: Available Online.

McManus, BM, Carle, AC, Acevedo-Garcia, D, Ganz, M, Hauser-Cram, P & McCormick, MC (2011). Social determinants of state variation in special education participation among preschoolers with developmental delays and disabilities.  Health & Place 17(2): 681-690.

McArdle N, Acevedo-Garcia D, & Osypuk TL. (September, 2010).  Segregation and Exposure to High‐Poverty Schools in Large Metropolitan Areas: 2008-09. Issue Brief.

McArdle, N, Osypuk, TL, Acevedo-García, D (2010). Prospects for Equity in Boston Public Schools' School Assignment Plans. Issue Brief. September 2010. Available Online.

Newspaper & Magazine Articles

McArdle, N. (December 18, 2004). Should Lynn Schools Use Boston’s Model? Op-ed published in the Boston Globe.

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Presentations and Proceedings

Hardy E. (May 2012). “Diversity in Early Education.” Advancing the Legacy of Mendez and Brown: A National Conference on School Diversity.  The National Coalition on School Diversity.

Acevedo-Garcia D & Hardy E. (September, 2011). Using National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Data to Learn More about Diverse Learners in Michigan. First Annual Conference on Special Populations: Accelerating Student Achievement through Collaboration, Michigan Department of Education, Lansing, MI. 

Hardy E. (January 2011). High Quality Early Learning Centers in Low Opportunity Neighborhoods:  An Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Patterns Associated with Center Locations in Massachusetts. Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University, CGA Institute Presentations.  

Nsiah-Jefferson, L. (January 15, 2012).  Intersectionality, Research and Black Women. Black Nurses Leadership Institute, New York University School of Nursing, New York, NY. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (January 7, 2011). Leading the Charge: Pathways to Leadership and the Professions. Black Nurses Leadership Institute, New York University School of Nursing. New York, NY. 

Rosenfeld L. (September, 2010). The Geography of Opportunity: A Framework for Child Development. Building Healthy Communities Through a Focus on Young Men and Boys of Color Conference. The  Warren Institute at UC-Berkeley and the California Endowment. Los Angeles, CA.

Rosenfeld L. (January, 2010). Race, Income, and Education: Analyzing America’s Achievement Gap. Northeastern University. Boston, MA

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (July 23-24, 2010). Robert Wood Johnson Fdn, Intersectionality Scholars Workshop, Intersectionality and Inequities in Cardiovascular Disease: Research and Policy Implications. Columbia University, School of Public Health, New York, NY. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (October 3, 2008).  Diversity Challenge, Black Women in Need of Healing: Preliminary Findings. Boston College, The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L (June 26, 2008).  Building Capacity to Eliminate Health Disparities, “Evidence-Based Quality Enhancement and Treatment Inequities,” Academy for Health Equity, Denver, CO.

Nsiah-Jefferson L (April 26, 2008). Career Awareness Day for Girls, Academic and Other Careers Addressing Health and Health Care for Minority Populations. National Council of Negro Women, Metro Boston Chapter, Dorchester, MA. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L (November 17, 2007). Health Disparities and Higher Education, The Role of Social Policy Schools in Addressing Health and Health Care Disparities. Tufts University, Medford, MA.

Nsiah-Jefferson L (November 31, 2006.) Health Disparities: How Your Internship Can Make a Difference. University of Oregon, Public Policy Internship Program, Washington, DC.

Nsiah-Jefferson L (April 19, 2005). National Cancer Awareness Week, University-Wide Faculty Meeting, Addressing Health Disparities: Every Discipline has a Role to Play. University of Massachusetts. Boston, MA.

Nsiah-Jefferson L (May 18, 2004). Policy Matrix of Recommendations to Address Disparities in Health Care Treatment. The Civil Rights Project at Harvard and the Interfaculty Program in Health Systems Improvement, Roundtable on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Treatment,  Brookline, MA. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L (November 14, 2003). Private Secondary School Admissions for African-American Boys: Thoughts and Considerations.The Fessenden School, Minority School Admissions Meeting,  The Fessenden School.  

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Earle A. and the Afterschool Alliance. (April 2009). Roadmap to Afterschool for All: Examining Current Investments and Mapping Future Needs. Washington, DC: The Afterschool Alliance, policy research report. 

Orfield G & McArdle N.  (August 2006) The Vicious Cycle:  Segregated Housing, Schools, and Intergenerational Inequality. Joint Center for Housing Studies. 

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Working Papers

Heymann SJ and Earle A. (April 1996). Family Policy for School Age Children: The Case Of Parental Evening Work.  John F. Kennedy School of Government Center for Social Policy Working Paper Series.

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