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Gender Equity

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Sanchez-Vaznaugh, E. V., Kawachi, I., Subramanian, S. V., Sánchez, B. N., & Acevedo-Garcia, D. (2009). Do socioeconomic gradients in BMI vary by race/ethnicity, gender and birthplace? American Journal of Epidemiology, 69(9), 1102-1112.

Sanchez-Vaznaugh, EV, Kawachi, I, Subramanian, SV, Sánchez, BN, & Acevedo-Garcia, D (2008). Differential effect of birthplace and length of residence on body mass index (BMI) by education, gender and race/ethnicity. Social Science & Medicine, 67(8), 1300-1310.

Chen, Y-Y, Subramanian, SV, Acevedo-Garcia, D, Kawachi, I (2005). Women’s status and depressive symptoms: a multilevel analysis. Social Science & Medicine, 60(1), 49-60.

Nsiah-Jefferson L.  (1989). Reproductive laws, women of color and low-income women. Women's Rights Law Reporter. 11(1), 15-36.

Nsiah-Jefferson L, Smith B. (1985).  A health program for black incarcerated women.  SAGE, A Scholarly Journal on Black Women. 2(2), 60-64. 

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Books and Book Chapters

Osypuk T, Joshi P, & Acevedo-Garcia D. (2012). Do Social Policies Influence the Health of Women and their Children? A Summary of Strong Evidence and Implications for Designing Future Policies Using a Social Determinants of Health Lens. In M.B. Goldman, R. Troisi, & K.M. Rexrode (Eds.), Women and Health. Second Edition.  Elsevier Publishing. 

Nsiah-Jefferson, L. (2009). Inequities in Health Care and African-American Women: Intersectional Applications of Research and Policy: In: Wesley, Y., Black Women’s Health: Challenges and Opportunities. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 1-56.   

Nsiah-Jefferson L & Hall EJ. (1989). Reproductive technology: perspectives and implications for low-income women and women of color. In: Ratcliff K, eds. Healing technology: Feminist perspectives. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.93-118. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (1989). Reproductive laws, women of color and low-income women. In:Taub N, Cohen, S, eds. Reproductive Laws for the 1990s. Clifton, NY:  The Humana Press.  23-67. 

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Policy Briefs

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (April, 2011). What is the Future of Black Girls? Policy Brief. Long Island Think Tank for African-American Progress.

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Presentations and Proceedings

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (October, 2011). Developing a Measure of Gendered Racism for Adolescent Girls. The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, Boston College, Diversity Challenge, Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (May 29-31, 2011). Challenges Addressing Public Policy and Intersectionality. Intersectionality Learning Institute, Simon Fraser University and selected other Canadian universities. Squamish, BC. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (August 24, 2010). Intersectionality, Stress, and Women of Color. Harvard University, Women’s Leadership Conference, Cambridge, MA.

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (July 23-24, 2010). Cardiovascular Disease: Research and Policy Implications. Robert Wood Johnson Fdn, Intersectionality Scholars Workshop, Intersectionality and Inequities, Columbia University, School of Public Health, New York, NY. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (April 23, 2010). What is the Future of Black Girls?, "We Really Are All That" Think Tank for African-American Progress - Long Island. Mental Health Prevention Strategies for Black Girls on Long Island, Long Island, NY. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (October 3, 2008). Black Women in Need of Healing: Preliminary Findings. Boston College, The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, Diversity Challenge, Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (June 21, 2008). Black Women in Need of Healing. Black Women’s Health Imperative, 25th Anniversary Celebration Conference. Washington, DC.

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (June 9, 2008). Evidence-Based Quality Enhancement and Treatment Inequities. Academy Health, Annual Research Meeting. Washington, DC. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (April 18, 2008). Inequities in Health Care and African-American Women: Intersectional Applications of Research and Policy. Institute for Critical Studies in Gender and Health, Intersectionality from Theory to Practice: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. Vancouver, BC. 

Nsiah-Jefferson L. (April 26, 2008). Academic and Other Careers Addressing Health and Health Care for Minority Populations. National Council of Negro Women, Metro Boston Chapter, Career Awareness Day for Girls. Dorchester, MA.

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