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Health Communications & Health Literacy

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Rosenfeld L, Shepherd A, Agunwamba A, McCray A. (2013). Iterative Development and Evaluation of a Web-Based Health Information Resource. Journal of Health Communication.18(8): 974-990.

Rosenfeld L, Shepherd A, Agunwamba AA & McCray AT. (2013), Iterative Evaluation of a Web-Based Health Information Resource, Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives. Available Online.

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Rosenfeld L, Rudd R, Emmons KM, Acevedo-García D, Martin L, Buka S.  (2011). Beyond Reading Alone: The Relationship between Aural Literacy and Asthma Management. Patient Education and Counseling. 82(1), 110-116.

Rudd R, Rosenfeld L, Gall V, (2007). Health Literacy and arthritis research and practice. Current Opinion in Rheumatology. 19(2), 97-100.

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Books & Book Chapters

Rudd RE, Rosenfeld LE, & Anderson JE (2008). Health Literacy. In S. Boslaugh (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Epidemiology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Rudd R, Anderson J, Oppenheimer S, Rosenfeld L, Mandic C. (2007). Health Literacy. In Wallace R. (ed.), Maxcy-Rosenau-Last. Public Health and Preventive Medicine. 15th Edition (pp. 1035-1040). New York: McGraw Hill Medical.

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Presentations and Proceedings

Rosenfeld L. (April, 2011). Professional Development Seminar: “Health Literacy 101.” South Shore Hospital. Weymouth, MA.

Rosenfeld L. (March, 2010). Identifying and Marketing Your Parent-Related Skills in the Job Market. The Federation for Children with Special Needs, Visions of Community. Boston, MA.

Rosenfeld L. (November, 2009). Highlighting the Aural Exchange: Examining distinct types of literacy in chronic disease management .137th American Public Health Association Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenfeld L. (November, 2009). Evaluation of Community Connect To Research (CC2R.) 137th American Public Health Association Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenfeld L. (May, 2009). Community Connect To Research: evaluation of a patient portal.  First Annual Harvard Center for Biomedical Informatics Symposium. Boston, MA.

Rosenfeld L. & Gall V. (November, 2006) Health Literacy in America: Why and how to improve written and oral communication. American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting. Washington, DC.

Rosenfeld L. (October, 2006). Applying the Principles of Health Literacy: Interactive discussion/critique of adolescent health brochures. The New England Regional Advisory Committee Meeting: Health Literacy – The Language of Adolescents, Boston, MA.

Rosenfeld L & Epstein Anderson J. (July, 2006). Training on plain language and health literacy. Plain Language Institute, The Literacy Assistance Center. New York, NY.  

Rosenfeld L & Rudd R. (April, 2006). Preventing Disasters and Minimizing their Consequences. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Cambridge, MA.

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