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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Acevedo-García D, Rosenfeld L, McArdle N, Hardy EF, & Osypuk TL. (2013). Future Directions on Research on Institutional and Interpersonal Discrimination and Child Health. American Journal of Public Health.

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Espenshade, TJ and Acevedo-Garcia, D (1995). Migrant cohort size, enforcement effort, and the apprehension of undocumented aliens. Population Research and Policy Review, 14(2), 145-172.

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Books and Book Chapters

Acevedo-García D, Rosenfeld L, McArdle N, & Osypuk T. (2010). “The Geography of Opportunity: A Framework for Child Development.” In Men and Boys of Color. University of California Press. 358-406. Available Online.

McArdle, N. (1997). "Homeownership Attainment of New Jersey Immigrants" in Keys to Successful Immigration:  Implications of the New Jersey Experience. Thomas J. Espenshade, editor. Urban Institute Press. Washington, D.C. 

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Presentations and Proceedings

Acevedo-Garcia, D. (July, 2012). Immigrant Families in MetroWest. Summer Speaker Series, Foundation for MetroWest, Natick, MA.

 Rosenfeld L. (September, 2010). The Geography of Opportunity: A Framework for Child Development. Building Healthy Communities Through a Focus on Young Men and Boys of Color Conference. The  Warren Institute at UC-Berkeley and the California Endowment. Los Angeles, CA.

Rosenfeld L. (April, 2010). Indoor Allergens and Neighborhood Characteristics. Northeastern University. Boston, MA.

Rosenfeld L. (March, 2010). Neighborhood-Level Characteristics Associated with Indoor Allergens: Data from New York City and the Puerto Rican Asthma Project. Northeastern University. Boston, MA.

Acevedo-Garcia, D. (February, 2010). Immigration and Health in the Americas: Linked Destinies. PAHO/WHO Symposium Connecting Ideas and Knowledge: Sharing on Equity and Health, 10th Anniversary of Equity and Health listserv, Washington, DC

Rosenfeld L. (January, 2010). Race, Income, and Education: Analyzing America’s Achievement Gap. Northeastern University. Boston, MA.

Rosenfeld L. (November, 2009). Neighborhood-level characteristics and indoor allergens in the household. 137th American Public Health Association Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosenfeld L. (November, 2007). Puerto Ricans in the Bronx, NY: Sociocontextual influences on asthma – building and neighborhood type. 135th American Public Health Association Meeting. Washington, DC.

Rosenfeld L. (May, 2007). Puerto Ricans in the Bronx, NY:  Building and neighborhood characteristics and respiratory illness. Third Annual Puerto Rican Public Health Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Earle A, Joshi P, Geronimo K, & Acevedo-Garcia D. (June 14-16, 2012). Job Quality among Minority and Immigrant Working Parents. Work Family Researchers Network Inaugural Conference, New York City, NY, presenter and session chair.

McArdle N. (2001). The Living Arrangements of Foreign-Born Households, Joint Center for Housing Studies Research note, Harvard University.

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Working Papers

McArdle N. (1995). Foreign Immigration and Homeownership:  A Summary.  Joint Center for Housing Studies Working Paper W95-2. Harvard University.

McArdle N. (1994). Settlement and Mobility Patterns of Recent Immigrants.  Joint Center for Housing Studies Working Paper W94-5. Harvard University.

McArdle N & Mikelson K. (1994). The New Immigrants:  Demographic and Housing Characteristics.  Joint Center for Housing Studies Working Paper W94-1. Harvard University.

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