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Project TEAM for Parents

Principal Investigators: Dr. Jessica Kramer (Boston University),  Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld (Heller School) and Dr. Dolores Acevedo-Garcia (Heller School) 

Project TEAM (PT) is a manualized intervention that teaches youth with developmental disabilities (DD) to identify and resolve environmental barriers to their participation in everyday life, but doesn’t involve parents. Project TEAM for Parents will develop a new approach to teach diverse parents of young children with development disabilities how to identify and resolve barriers in the physical and social environment. To make Project TEAM for Parents useful for the widest audience, this project will:

  • Consult with parent advocacy organizations and expert clinicians and researchers.
  • Follow best practice standards to ensure materials are easy to use (including health literacy and universal design for learning).
  • Ask parents of young children with development disabilities how they identify and resolve barriers, and use their ideas in Project TEAM for Parents training.
  • Ask parents to provide feedback on Project TEAM for Parents materials. 

This project is a collaboration between Boston University Department of Occupational Therapy and the Brandeis University Institute for Child Youth and Family Policy. This collaboration will also consult with an expert panel, and conduct parent interviews to explore how diverse parents interpret and resolve immediate, community, and policy barriers to their children’s participation. The adapted Project TEAM for parents will incorporate health literacy standards and problem-solving strategies for parents. Diverse parents will evaluate the cognitive usability and acceptability of materials during iterative focus groups.Formalizing this collaboration and developing the Project TEAM approach will integrate occupational therapy and public health approaches in innovative ways to address the needs of diverse parents of children with DD. 

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