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Place, Migration, and Health

Place, Migration, and Health is a cross-national research network of researchers who are committed to understanding the links between migration processes, the health of migrants and their families, and the communities that send and receive (im)migrants. PMH research uses a cross-national lens to identify and explore the links between these three aspects of migration phenomena. Addressing knowledge gaps in these critical areas help inform policymakers' decisions in a way that will promote health in populations and communities that are both sending and receiving (im)migrants. PMH broadens the research horizon to include this bigger-picture perspective, an approach which leads to a fuller understanding of current issues and prospective policy impacts and solutions.

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, PhD, MPA-URP, Director of ICYFP, is a member of the PMH network. Her research on immigration has focused on the social determinants of immigrant health as well as issues of equity and disparity by race/ethnicity and nativity status. Joanna Almeida, ScD, MPH, MSW, ICYFP Visiting Scholar, is also a member of PMH. Her research focuses on post-arrival health deterioration of immigrants to the US from an epidemiological perspective. 

In December of 2012, Acevedo-Garcia and Almeida co-edited a Special Issue of Social Science and Medicine on Place, Migration, and Health. More information about these recent publications is available on the Place, Migration, and Health website

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